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Check out my “Political Quagmire” at the Fresh Show now through February at Summit Artspace.  Read what images and words to look for here.

An upcycled artist from Akron, Ohio creating works of art from torn pages of magazines.  

There’s more than meets the eye.


Horse2.jpgNEW: Political QuagmireRed Rooster 16x20Three Types of Coffee Drinkers“Whoo’s There” 18 x24Drunken Artist 18x24Pepper by Deborah Shapiro 16x20The Klutz 16x20Cute Little Heart Breaker.jpgKrazy Kitty 16x20DSC_0005.jpgLil Lola 18x24Blue Jay Way  16x20Making Fritters  11x14“Koi” 11 x 14Lil Lola by Deborah Shapiro